Why the Oscar 2023 Wins are Critical

Why the Oscar 2023 Wins are Critical

Last night, the cast and crew of Everything Everywhere All At Once swept the Oscars with 7 Awards. Of these awards, Michelle Yeoh is the first Asian woman to have been nominated and win the award for Best Actress. Ke Huy Quan is the first Vietnamese born actor to win an Oscar for an acting performance.

Not only do these wins make history, it's incredible to see the decades of behind the scenes work of tireless activists, actors, business owners, and beyond throughout the decades shine through on this night. Not to mention the decades of dedication from folks like the Daniels, Yeoh, Quan, and those like them that have paved the way for themselves and others to succeed.

As someone who lived in states like Arkansas growing up, where there was very few touchpoints to explore what being Asian American meant to me, this movie was truly touching. No words can sufficiently capture its impact. I can only imagine what kind of positive impact a movie like this would have had on the formation of my identity back then. As I am sure that it's uplifting countless people in the present day.

To celebrate, the smiley face almond cookies I made for the premier of the movie last year in San Francisco through my business Annie's T Cakes will be available for purchase.