Creating a better food system with sustainable East Asian snacks.

The Story

The journey of Annie’s T Cakes started a decade ago with a commitment to a climate-friendly, plant-based diet. As an Asian American who eats plant based for the planet, Annie didn't find many culturally relevant options that fit her diet. After years of scouring Asian restaurant menus and perusing countless grocery store shelves with little luck, Annie's T Cakes was born.

In addition to taking care of our planet, Annie's T Cakes believes companies have a duty to contribute to society. That's why a percentage of all profits go towards community groups organizing towards a more just and regenerative food system.

Here's to creating the best future for us all, one food memory at a time.

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About Annie

The founder of Annie's T Cakes, Annie is inspired by her Chinese-American upbringing and dedication to environmental protection to create plant-based versions of foods she once loved. From working in environmental policy to food tech to now running her own business, Annie is focused on building a business that allows others to also enjoy more sustainable versions of nostalgic cultural treats, starting with East Asian snacks.

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